Internet EFB  (Electronic Flight Bag)

DISCLAIMER:  The following information is a collection of documentation and utilities which can be used on a laptop or tablet for in flight information access in the cockpit.  This collection is normally stored in its entirety within a local file structure to be accessed without external communications requirements.  Additional links which require Internet access (beyond this website) are provided at the bottom of this page.  These links are a personal collection of data which is used by the author as an in-flight EFB.  The data is posted on the NETEFB and INETEFB websites in the event that other pilots find it useful.

The author (collector) of this information makes no warranties as to the applicability, correctness, or usefulness of this data.


Aircraft Checklists and Information:

Cirrus SR22 G3 Turbo (PDF Unless otherwise noted)

Checklist Avidyne R9
SR22 G3 Turbo Checklist (Cirrus) Entegra Release 9 SR22 Pilot's Guide
SR22 G3 Turbo Checklist (Modified) Entegra Release 9 Self Study Course (Basic)
  Entegra Release 9 Self Study Course (Advanced)
Weight and Balance  
SR22 G3 Weight and Balance (Excel) Avidyne E1
  Entegra EXP5000 PFD Pilot's Guide
Cirrus Entegra EX5000 MFD Pilot's Guide
Pilot's Operating Handbook Entegra EX5000 Data Update Guide
General Operations Manual (Rev2)  
Log of Supplements TOC Garmin
G3 Wing Supplement 430W Quick Reference
Precise Flight Oxygen Supplement 430W Pilot Guide and Reference
Ice Protection 430W Non-Garmin Displays Pilots Guide Addendum
Section 2 CG Envelope 430W Garmin Optional Displays Pilots Guide Addendum
Section 4 CG Landing Limit 430W What is New with the 400W-500W Series
Section 5 CG Landing Distance GTX 327 Mode A and C Transponder
Section 5 CG Takeoff Dist 340 Audio Panel Pilot's Guide
Section 6 CG Envelop  
Section 6 CG Moment Limit Other
Tornado Alley Turbo Supplement S-TEC 55X Autopilot Handbook
Aircraft Maintenance Manual (HTML/PDF) L3 Stormscope Pilot's Guide
CAPS Maintenance Manual (HTML/PDF) L3 SkyWatch
Illustrated Parts Catalog (HTML/PDF) Honeywell 560 & KGP 860 EGPWS Pilot's Guide
Wiring Manual (HTML/PDF) Tornado Alley Maintenance Manual

Cirrus SR22 G2 Normally Aspirated

Cessna 172

Airport Information

Name (Notes) Identifier (Map) ATIS/AWOS Tower CTAF Ground Unicom
Dane County KMSN 124.65 119.3   121.9 122.95
Milwaukee (Mitchell) KMKE 126.4 119.1   121.8 122.95
Timmerman KMWC 128.3 120.5   121.7 122.95
Watertown KRYV 119.975   122.8    
Waukesha KUES 118.875 123.7   121.6 122.95
West Bend KETB 120.0   122.8    

Miscellaneous Documentation

Miscellaneous Forms

External Links (The following links require Internet access)

Weather Online Charts and Approach Plates
Aviation Weather Center (AWC) (METARs, TAFs, PIREPs, Flight Path Tool) (Online Approach Plates)
CPC Forecasts & Outlook Maps, Graphs and Tables (Online Chart Viewer)
NOAA HRRR Model Fields (Predictive Nexrad) FlyAGoGo.Com
NOAA SkewT Soundings FAA List of WAAS Approaches
RAP - Real Time Weather Forecasts  
Waukesha Aviation Forecast Avidyne Engine Data Analysis Software (EMax)
Weather Underground Waukesha, Wisconsin Forecast EMax (Free!)
WeatherTap ($) EGView ($)
NSSL Realtime WRF Model Forecasts (Predictive Nexrad)  
  Flight Tracking
NETEFB Weather Aggregate Pages (By Screen Width) FlightAware
Weekly Planner: 1400 wide, 1600 wide, 1900 wide  
EnRoute Planner: 1400 wide, 1600 wide, 1900 wide Bulletin Boards
  AOPA Online - Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Navigation Databases COPA - Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association
Aeroseek Navigation Landings
AirNav Aviation Database  
Flight Planning Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Company
Flight Guide Online ($) AvShop
FAA Notams (PilotWeb) Controller Aircraft Sales
FAA NACO Digital Terminal Procedures King Schools Flight Planning for General Aviation. Sporty'sŪ Pilot Shop
TFRCheck Other Info
  The AOPA-COPA Guide to Cross-Border Operations (US-Canada)
  Bahamas and Caribbean Pilot's Guide
  Haute Air
  Witts Flying